The global Win Philosophy

about us

    global Win the global Waste information network aims to establish a network of waste experts throughout the developing world.

    Environmental hazards exist everywhere on the planet, professional knowledge on how to control them exists also, but as experts are rare and funding is lacking, many issues remain unaddressed. global Win is a group of dedicated people from different countries who are willing to find appropriate cheap solutions, that help people to improve their life conditions. The organisation either realises projects on its own, or supports local professionals with a network offering a varity of services such as literature, communication, knowledgebase, contacts, etc.

    This will be different with global Win !

    Our intention is to develop projects for one particular market sector, the waste sector, and develop strategies and plans for the development of projects. As a further step global Win develops the projects and manages its realisation including all financial aspects in an auditable and efficient way to the benefits and piece of mind of the companies, funding bodies and involved countries.

    global Win identifies areas in which waste treatment measures are urgent. The next step identifies responsible persons in government and non-government organisations (NGO), defines the projects and organises the needed funding pool and promotion. In the project realisation phase, global Win invites consultants and companies on a competitive basis in a transparent process to participate in the projects. global Win controls the project budgets and schedules, and completes the projects with required reports according to existing procedures.

    As a result the business concept will reduce bureaucracy for companies, which reduces overheads and costs for project acquisition and additionally provides a transparent and secure environment for business.

    For more information please contact our headquarter or our regional office in Nicaragua, or write to


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