The global Win Team

about us

The global Win business team combines highly skilled engineers from waste and mobile communication sectors.

    Matthias Kraner CEO

    Chief Executive Officer

    He has run two companies and holds degreees in Electrical Engineering and Information Technique and in Data  Communication Systems. global Win is his passion since it aims in helping developing countries and supports these countries in areas of high importance. His role in global Win involves administration, organization and acquisition. Currently he is setting up the new branches energy Win and mobile Win within the global Win network.


    Martin Kessler CFO/CRO

    Chief Financial and Customer Care Officer

    Martin Kessler is an agricultural engineer (University of Kassel), who has working experience within the waste sector for many years. He worked for several waste consultants and universities as well as he constructed scientific test devices for waste specific analysis. Since 1999 he is the coordinator for the EU project named eWin the european Waste information network. For global Win he is working in the companies headquarter in Germany and is responsible for acqusition financing and coordination of projects.


    Michael Huhn CCM

    Chief Manager Central America

    Michael Huhn holds two engineer degrees of the universities of Giessen and Kassel, Germany (agriculture and environmental sciences). For many years he has been working as a managing director for a leading research and technology transfer unit, located at the university of Kassel (HFvA). Additionally he has a 15 years experience as a journalist. Within global Win he is responsible for the public relations and acquisition of project coordination for the regions Central and South America.



    María de Fátima Bolaños (phD)

    Consultant an agricultural engeneer (agro-technic) who studied in Germany and went back to Nicaragua. There she gained 10 years of experience during her work in several cunsulting firms. Additional she worked as a teacher on the Agricultural University of Managua (UNA). After completing her phD at the University of Kassel (Germany) she is now working as a lecture on the UNA again. For the global Win network Fátima works as a consultant with many contacts to the administration, organizations and scientists.



    Tarik Edghiri


    ...has three diploma degrees, one of the University of Meknes (Morocco) and two of the University of Kassel (Germany) covering agricultural and environmental protection. Tarik has a large experienced within the waste sector in both developing countries and the western world. He for example worked for many years as project manager investigating composting possibilities in his home country Morocco. In other projects he works as consulting engineer for various firms such as GTZ and Fresenius Institute. For global Win he is currently working as a consultant for the Arabic world and other francophone countries.



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