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Collection of plastic for recycling in Managua

Scavengers on the central disposal site in Managua

Currently a global Win team in Nicaragua is working on the improvement of the recycling system of the countries capital city Managua. At the moment scavengers are climbing up a huge disposal hill and are looking for recyclables in a very ineffective and dangerous way. With the help of global Win the city administration is establishing a recyling place with improved hygenic and social conditions.

The project is accompanied by three pilot trials where the possibilitiy of composting organic houshold waste under tropic conditions is researched. Almost 80% of the cities garbage is of organic nature and offers a huge potential for a reduction of mass and its hazardeous impact as well as a new economic opportunity.

An additional project with similar scope in Masaya a 120.000 citizen town south of Managua is proposed. Together with European partner towns global Win tries to develop a project concept involving all parties including scavengers and city authorities.

Contacts to other Nicaraguan towns like Ocotal and Matagalpa are established and proposals for projects are discussed.


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